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“Every week I learn something that makes me more valuable to my clients!” - Dione Dunn Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty  

Sales Training is held every Tuesday. This features a breakfast social, a presentation from a quality guest speaker, and an in-depth analysis with one of our top producers on a topic submitted by our agents.  

New Agent Training is hosted by Jeremy Johnson, Sales Manager, and Kaila Barrington, Agent Success Manager, every Friday morning with a small group of newly licensed Realtors. 

Marketing Bootcamp is held regularly by our in-house marketing team. Whether you want to learn how to make impactful postcards or elevate your social media presence, there's a Bootcamp on the schedule!

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LeadingRE Institute Online learning for Real Estate professionals. Offering courses with succinct, relevant content tied to specific agent and staff objectives. New courses and content are added regularly. Top performers in any industry are lifelong learners and Institute helps students at every production level improve skills and results.  

Ninja Selling Levin Rinke Realty provides agents access to an exclusive professional development program designed to help you accelerate your income per hour: LeadingRE Agent Accelerator, powered by Ninja Selling. Participating in this program is a powerful and effective way to improve your business, while helping you find balance in your life. Agent Accelerator does so by focusing on the three success keys: your mindset, your skillset, and your actions.

Ascension Training videos recorded and produced exclusively for Levin Rinke Realtors. Focusing on internal processes, local knowledge, technology, and market education. The content empowers agents to take their business the next level with takeaways they can implement immediately. 

  • Win more leads
  • Convert more deals
  • Generate more money  

Tom Ferry In this program, Expert Coach Bill Pipes will show you the strategies, skills, and scripts needed to run your business with confidence and have unstoppable sales skills. Learn how to build more confidence, create a powerful sales presentation, and get the YES in the What You Say Matters Training Program.

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