Our Agents Cap at $21,000 Annually!

Our metric for success has always been the highest quality of life possible for every individual we do business with.

Our new commission structure, instituted in 2019, allows Realtors to contribute up to $21,000 annually at a 70/30 split.

After reaching the cap, you keep 100% of your commission.


No Franchise Fees

No Desk Fees

No Training Fees

No Marketing Fees


Unparralled Support For Team Members And A Winning Cap!

Team Members Cap at $12,000 Annually!

Married couples share a cap of $21,000. Team members receive a reduced cap of $12,000.

The incentive program provides guaranteed revenue sharing indefinitely for every Realtor you recruit to our platform. You benefit from their success!

In year one, you could see a cap reduction depending on the last twelve months of production for the agent you are recruiting. In years two through five, you receive 10% of the company’s revenue from your recruit and 3% thereafter.

At Levin Rinke Realty, you have the opportunity to ELIMINATE YOUR CAP and receive GUARANTEED REVENUE SHARE indefinitely!

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The agent success team provides technical assistance during the process of transitioning to your new brokerage.

  • Notify current clients under contract and those with active listing agreements.
  • Make a plan for transaction transition including both old broker & client communication.
  • Order new listing yard signs, if needed.
  • Notify current broker/sign agreement regarding any current listings/pending transactions.
  • Update voicemail message.
  • Update all accounts (social media and business)
  • Attend Levin Rinke Realty Orientation.
  • Schedule Headshot

With experience helping over 100 Realtors make a change, our checklist will keep you on track from updating your voicemail message to notifying your sphere of influence.