What Makes Us Different

Ask any of our Realtors what makes Levin Rinke Realty different from other brokerages. Every single one will mention some kind of support! What does that support entail? 

“It gives you real confidence when you walk into a listing appointment knowing you have the support of team Levin Rinke Realty!” - Christina Leavenworth Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty  

Training You Can Use

Any brokerage can say they provide "the best" training but at Levin Rinke Realty, we take training seriously. We attribute much of our success to having educated Realtors that know the market.

Sales Training is held every Tuesday. This features a breakfast social, a presentation from a quality guest speaker, and an in-depth analysis with one of our top producers on a topic submitted by our agents. 

New Agent Training is hosted by Jeremy Johnson, Sales Manager, and Kaila Barrington, Agent Success Manager, every Friday morning with a small group of newly licensed Realtors. 

Marketing Bootcamp is held regularly by our in-house marketing team. Whether you want to learn how to make impactful videos or improve your social media presence, there's a Bootcamp in the works!  

One-On-One sessions with Jeremy, Kaila, and our marketing team available upon request.  

The Dale Carnegie Program has a special place in our broker's heart as a training program he himself graduated from in 1985. This program invigorates Realtors by drawing out their natural strengths, building the courage and confidence they need to take command of their role and achieve their goals. We had 40 agents graduate from this 9-week program in 2018 while the brokerage took on the cost of $1500 per person! 

LeadingRE Institute Online learning for Real Estate professionals. Offering courses with succinct, relevant content tied to specific agent and staff objectives. New courses and content are added regularly. Top performers in any industry are lifelong learners and Institute helps students at every production level improve skills and results. 

Ascension Training videos recorded and produced exclusively for Levin Rinke Realtors. Focusing on internal processes, local knowledge, technology, and market education. The content empowers agents to take their business the next level with takeaways they can implement immediately. 

Tom Ferry In this program, Expert Coach Bill Pipes will show you the strategies, skills, and scripts needed to run your business with confidence and have unstoppable sales skills. Learn how to build more confidence, create a powerful sales presentation, and get the YES in the What You Say Matters Training Program.

  • Win more leads
  • Convert more deals
  • Generate more money  

Ninja Selling Levin Rinke Realty provides agents access to an exclusive professional development program designed to help you accelerate your income per hour: LeadingRE Agent Accelerator, powered by Ninja Selling. Participating in this program is a powerful and effective way to improve your business, while helping you find balance in your life. Agent Accelerator does so by focusing on the three success keys: your mindset, your skillset, and your actions.

“Every week I learn something that makes me more valuable to my clients!” - Dione Dunn Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty  

Technology To Help

Technology allows real estate professionals to build relationships with their clients more conveniently than ever. Online experiences shape buyers’ and sellers’ expectations of a brokerage which is why Levin Rinke Realty makes our digital presence a priority. 

LRR Compass is our mobile-friendly company intranet that has all our Realtor's sales tools in one convenient location: your fingertips!

LRR Team Drive is our file management system. We use G Suite to share all the company resources at no cost to the agent.

Online Lead Generation is possible thanks to our easy-to-use website! Every Realtor that joins the team gets a personalized URL that ensures they keep their own leads.

“When a brokerage has a strong online presence, it helps their Realtors! You can meet a potential client that feels like they already have a connection with you because they’ve been seeing the brand on Facebook and Instagram for years.” – Chelsea Cummings, Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty  

Marketing That Works 

Investing in custom marketing services is a brokerage's promise to support and grow its agents. As a non-compete broker, Robert Rinke has made it clear through the established brand that the Realtors are the face of our company! He pours marketing dollars into offering a higher and more customized level of creative marketing service to our agents.

Showcasing listings is an opportunity to establish trust with your clients. With the highest quality design, Levin Rinke Realty elevates the way listings are displayed online and in print! Imagine sending one email and having your listings appear on Facebook, on Instagram, in the Gulf Breeze News, and in the Pensacola News Journal as Home of the Week. This dream is a reality for Levin Rinke Realty agents!

Showcasing Realtors is easier than you might think! Every agent that joins our team gets a new headshot, business card, email signature, and personalized stationary. The rarest feature we offer is a full-time videographer to create our Agent Spotlight videos.

“They make it easy” – Mark Lee, Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty  

Culture Of Collaboration 

What defines the culture at Levin Rinke Realty is the evident spirit of collaboration. Our Realtors want to see each other succeed which has led to an productive professional environment. 

Open Houses at our brokerage are a priority. Our top producers have more listings than they can sit at in a single weekend, so they are available to other agents to host. This arrangment has led to an amazing increase in lead generation! The brokerage provides free marketing, directional signs, and feather flags. 

Desk Duty is another important part of our team work. We have desk duty locations in condominium lobbies all across Pensacola Beach which gives our agents access to renters who become buyers! Experienced agents train newer agents on the selling features of the properties.

Sponsorship has been a very successful program at Levin Rinke Realty. We pair seasoned Realtors with newly licensed Realtors to ensure everyone has access to expertise in times of need.