Born On The Beach

Levin Rinke Realty started as a small, boutique real estate firm in 1992. Broker/Owner, Robert Rinke, focused solely on his condominium developments, while the agents underneath him dominated Pensacola Beach. Today, we're more than just experts on beachfront property. We've expanded our reach and are now holding the number one spot in Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, and several micro markets in Pensacola, soon to be all of Pensacola. The shift in our real estate company occurred right around the downturn of the economy when the condominium developments came to a halt. 

Robert shifted his focus to the real estate company and since then we have gone from 3% market share to 10% market share and rising. Our results are a combination of culture, marketing and training. The agents are the face of our company, they pay no franchise, training, or marketing fees, and the broker's profit goes straight back into the company's infrastructure and marketing budget.  

We are a local company with a global reach thanks to our affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. We've earned this membership by being the #1 Independent Real Estate brokerage in the area, a title we wear with pride! Leading RE provides the power of a franchise while allowing us to remain locally invested. We have the world's largest real estate referral network, a military relocation rebate program, a spotlight for luxury property, and world class training due to our association with Leading RE. 

88% of consumers want to do business with the #1 local company 

Our goal now is to continue the growth we've experience thus far and reach $1 Billion in sales with multiples offices across the gulf coast. We promise to support our agents with consistent training and marketing. It is easier to do business with Levin Rinke Realty. Are you ready to own the lifestyle? 

An Established Brand

Luxury • Excellence • Expertise • Community • Philanthropy • Growth

Levin Rinke Realty has fully invested in creating and maintaining a brand that reflects our story and our priorities as a company. Many people think a brand is just a logo, but we know better. Any part of our company that engages with the public is an opportunity to put your best foot forward with the highest quality branding! That's why we have a full-time, award-winning, in-house team of creative experts to ensure we have the most impactful brand possible. 

Clients draw positive associations from a well-managed brand. More cohesive and consistent brands are more appealing and effective over all. Our brand colors do an excellent job to impart a critical message: Integrity and enthusiasm! All colors have a psychological effect on people, so we chose Royal Blue which represents trust and energetic Golden Yellow.  

We have a meaningful, local brand with marketing that resonates with our community

Seamlessly, our brand is consistent across all platforms. Being a forward-thinking brokerage means developing a brand that can grow and adapt just like our team has over the years.