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Successful First Impression

The curb appeal sets the tone for the full experience.

Landscape Elements

Is the grass mowed, lush and have inviting flowers? 

Are there extra vehicles in the driveway?

Does the driveway or home need pressure washed?

Are fences and gates in good condition?

Home Exterior

Could the door be more inviting with fresh paint?

Are the windows clean and in working order?

How is the roof, are the gutters clean and roof clear of limbs?

Specific Aspects

Is the house number visible?

Is there an inviting welcome mat?

Is the patio furniture an asset or a distraction?

Take a look at your property as though you are the buyer!

Inviting Common Areas

Here are the top 3 priorities to focus your efforts on when you need to create an inviting warm space that captures an emotional reaction from potential buyers.

  • Interior Walls

Most likely, any wallpaper remnants from decades past won’t match with the buyer’s vision for their new home. Take the time to tear it down and add a fresh coat of warm neutral colors.

  • Flooring

Hardwood flooring has proven to be a low-maintenance solution appealing to nearly everyone. In kitchens and bathrooms, go with ceramic tile if you can afford it. Alternatively, use high-quality vinyl tiles that mimic more expensive materials.

  • Lighting

In addition to natural lighting, don’t forget about your home’s ambient, task, and accent lighting. Consider replacing all the bulbs with LEDs.

The Perfect Kitchen

Buyers often focus on the kitchen so this is your chance to make the biggest impact.

  • Clean

A tidy home communicates to potential buyers that the property has been well cared for and maintained.

  • Declutter

Don’t let a mess or clutter distract buyer’s from your property’s potential. The more empty storage, the better.

  • Depersonalize

In order for buyers to envision themselves in your home, it’s best to remove most family photos and keepsakes.

Plan For Photos

Enhance Exterior Spaces

Front Yard

  • Close the garage door
  • Remove car from driveway
  • Remove Trash cans
  • Showcase the property not the clutter
  • Put out fresh flowers
  • No visible water hoses
  • Clear yard of clutter, toys, bikes etc

Back Yard

  • Have updated cushions on patio furniture
  • Hide trash cans
  • Clear yard of clutter, toys, bikes, etc
  • Stowe away toys and sports equipment 


  • Pool sparkling clean and no cleaning equipment
  • Hide all pool equipment/toys
  • Turn on any water features

Define Interior Areas

Empty rooms can make a house feel cold and uninviting. In contrast, a few simple pieces of furniture add warmth and convey a room’s purpose.

Family Room

  • Remove electronics and toys
  • No more than 3-5 objects on mantle/shelves
  • Arrange pillows and throws
  • Remove anything nonessential to the room
  • Hide visible electrical cords

Dining Room

  • Clear table and make it shine
  • Brighten the space with placemats
  • A fresh flower arrangement is very inviting
  • Clean any mirrors and glass
  • Remove kid items


  • Clear counters completely (Clear is Clean)
  • Hide trash cans
  • No dishes in the sink
  • Fresh fruit in a bowl is inviting


  • Clear counters completely
  • Make sure the toilet seat is down
  • Remove tub/shower items
  • Stage with plush towels

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